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We take pride in our mission: saving lives by helping students to become safer drivers. Our lesson plans have been the subject of numerous effectiveness studies which have confirmed a statistically measurable reduction in the number of traffic citations and crashes experienced by our course graduates. That means you're seriously less likely to have a run-in with another vehicle — or the law — after completing one of our comedy courses! And we're here to support your educational experience every step of the way — just as we have helped more than two million drivers in over 30 years as a traffic safety education provider.

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New York State DMV Certifies State's
Newest Accident Prevention Course

NEW YORK, New York, December 1, 2010 – The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles recently certified the state's newest approved Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course, New York Safe Driver Program, which provides a new alternative to New York motorists who want to remove points from their driving records or obtain an insurance discount. New York-licensed drivers may complete an Accident Prevention Course as often as once every 18 months to reduce up to four accumulated points from their driving records. Completion of the course may also provide a 10 percent discount, for three years, on the base rate of a driver's automobile insurance premiums.

New York Safe Driver Program was created, designed, and produced by Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc. (TSC). With regional headquarters in New York City, the company has been one of the nation's largest providers of traffic safety education for over 35 years. TSC has developed a variety of professionally-designed classroom and "home study" (Internet, booklet, and video-based) products and offers them to drivers nationwide.

In announcing New York Safe Driver Program, Lawrence Gentilucci, TSC's Director of Operations, reported that TSC's classroom lesson plans, which will soon be taught in locations throughout the state, encourage instructors to use humorous anecdotes, educational videos, and visual presentations to aid student retention. Participants are also provided an illustrated workbook that closely mirrors the lesson plan and is theirs to keep following the class. He commented:

"We believe that the first law of communication is to get someone's attention, and the first law of education is retention. If students don't retain the information you provide them, you've failed. Our experience has demonstrated that using comedy and multi-media as learning tools is highly effective in capturing students' attention and enables them to absorb and remember the material."

Gentilucci also noted that New York Safe Driver Program is a proud sponsor of the New York Police & Fire Widows' & Children's Benefit Fund. TSC will donate a portion of students' tuition to this organization, which assists the families of New York's "first responders" who have fallen in the line of duty. He said more information about this great charity can be found via a link on TSC's website.

Prospective students may register for the course by visiting TSC's website, www.LowCostAccidentPrevention.com, or by calling toll-free 1-800-503-3389.